What is TRICINE Buffer

TRICINE Buffer(N-tris(Hydroxymethyl)methylglycine, CAS No.5704-04-1), a zwitterionic biological buffer which contain amine and acid group. It is a white crystalline powder that is moderately soluble in water (solubility of tricine is 1.8g / 100ml water.)


Applications of TRICINE Buffer

TRICINE is widely used in cell culture and electrophoresis study. As a buffer for cell culture studies, TRICINE has the ability to inhibit the unintended growth of mycoplasma in animal tissue culture. It has also been used in bacterial culture media to prevent precipitation of iron salts. This Good's Buffer has the capability to form a complex with most metal ions, such as Mg, Ca, Co, Cu, Ni, and Zn, therefore it should be taken into account stability constants and concentrations when choosing this buffer. As a buffer for electrophoresis studies, Tricine has been used as a replacement for protocols that exploit the controlled substance barbital.

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