Environmental practices

Delivering a better and greener world

Since the beginning of its activities, Hopax has developed a strong commitment to environmental protection and pollution prevention. More than being a profitable and successful company, we honestly believe that the final goal of every industrial activity is to deliver a better world to the current and next generations.

From the conception of a new product to its commercialization, we always act according to the following guidelines:

  • We must develop manufacturing practices that minimize air and water pollution.
  • We must promote energy efficiency and waste reduction
  • We must cope with global environmental protection standards
  • We must create environmentally friendly products

ISO 14001

Hopax follows the highest international standards for environmental management.
Our facilities are ISO 14001 certified, reflecting our efforts to create eco-friendly
and sustainable policies and procedures.

Hopax has recently announced that it reduced its energy consumption and carbon emissions in 2018.

Our environmentally friendly practices

  1. Wastewater treatment

    • 2nd and 3rd class processing station, treating 100% of our wastewater
    • Water emission license issued by the Government of Taiwan
    • Regular reports presented to the Government of Taiwan
  2. Exhaust Emissions Control

    • Eight emission pipelines
    • Operation license issued by the government
    • Annual report and internal inspection
  3. Toxic substances management

    • Clear guidelines regarding toxic substances management and future improvements
    • Regulatory compliance, focus on staff safety and lowest impact to the environment
    • Warehouse for toxic substances and alarm system