Our commitment to sustainability

Delivering a better and greener world

"Delivering a better and greener world" is the philosophy of HOPAX. As a responsible chemical manufacturer, HOPAX has always regarded environmental sustainability as an important part of our CSR strategy and leaves no stone unturned. Review the effectiveness of the 2020- year HOPAX Environmental Sustainability Project, we reduced air pollution by 35.9%, reduced waste by 21.6%, saved water resources by 9.7%, and saved electricity by 2.7%.

Environmental Sustainability Project

In the environmental sustainability project planned by HOPAX, the long-term goal is: Estimated that by 2023, in addition to deepening the implementation of resource reduction, energy saving, consumption reduction, and waste reduction, it further plans to obtain product carbon footprint ISO14067 certification. Establish an energy management system, adopt the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) for pollution prevention equipment, optimize the production process of biochemical chemicals, reduce the pollution of unit products, etc., and through regular internal and external audits, regular tracking-upward comments to promote practical realization set objectives.

What have we done for sustainability?

Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Implemented energy-saving measures, reducing carbon emissions by a total of 185,396 kg, and review effect were respectively energy-saving process, office energy-saving, and the original Lu's blower and supporting equipment (daily power consumption of 1807 kWh) were changed to air-floating blowers (daily power consumption of 943 kWh), which reduced power consumption by 48%, equivalent to a reduction of 440 kg of carbon emissions.

Reduce air pollution

HOPAX has obtained "Fixed Pollution Source Emission Approval" in accordance with the law and completed the 5% reduction target for the first phase of sales in 2018. The air pollution emissions (including particulates (Par), volatiles) in the Dafa plant Organic substances (VOCs, nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx))). The air pollution control equipment in the Dafa plant uses "Best Available Control Technology (BACT)" as a long-term improvement management indicator.

Promote environmental protection and energy saving

HOPAX continued to implement environmental protection and energy-saving strategies to achieve environmental protection and energy-saving goals with specific actions. In 2020, Dafa Plant reduced electricity consumption by a total of 364,236 degrees; the total weight of plastic reduction reached 16241.5Kg. In addition, the Fine Chemicals Division uses a large number of recycled packaging materials, and the number of recycled packaging materials used accounts for 81% of all packaging materials.

Adopt green process design

Our product development and manufacturing are based on the environmental safety policy formulated, upholding to reduce the use of solvents, toxic substances, and hazardous substances, and towards green process design, development, and manufacturing of products. The following are the green manufacturing process and implementation results designed in 2020:

1. Anionic surfactant:

  • Reduce solvent usage (40%), reduce air pollution generated by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the process, reduce waste liquid output, and increase solvent recovery rate.

2. Zwitterionic detergents:

  • The waste liquid is recycled in the manufacturing process to reduce the output of waste liquid. The solvent recovery rate is about 80%.

3. Biological buffer:

  • Process reaction optimization, increase the reaction rate of process raw materials, reduce the output of the original process waste liquid to zero output, and reduce man-hours and save energy (a reduction of 100,000 kWh/year).
  • Development of a new process for environmental benefits (compared to the original process): the productivity is increased by 3-5%, the high-concentration wastewater produced by the process is reduced by 70.9%, and the amount of organic solvents used is reduced.

4. Wastewater treatment:

  • PH value adjustment, according to different production processes and wastewater characteristics, the wastewater is divided into streams, to reduce the amount of wastewater treatment chemicals.

HOPAX will not only continue to work hard on the environmental sustainability strategy, but the organic chemistry synthesis service team with world-class capabilities will focus more on sustainable chemistry, including green process development, chemical recycling, and supergravity distillation. System and high-efficiency reactive distillation system, etc. If you have green chemical product synthesis needs, please contact us and join dozens of companies that already partner with Hopax to develop their buffers, detergents, and dipeptides.

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Release date:2021.09.27