From green production to sustainable development

  • Article Author: Y.J Chen / R&D Mannager of Fine Chemical Division


The wastewater load is becoming heavier by business growth

The wastewater load is becoming heavier by business growth After the new process is verified by the laboratory, it enters the trial run stage and invests in a new production line to meet the demand for production capacity, and besides the wastewater output can be ensure increased in an unproportionate manner. It will use in the existing wastewater system for treatment. This year, it has actually been running on the production line. Compared with 2020, the production capacity is expected to increase by more than half, but the increase in wastewater output that should have grown with the production capacity is less than 25%. The new process is also implemented on the old production line, which can also simultaneously reduce the output of wastewater. Our goal is to increase the production capacity to more than three times in 2019, and the wastewater can only increase by less than 50%.

To cope with the continuous growth of the Fine Chemical Division business and the production of many existing and new products, the wastewater load is getting heavier! With the adjustment of the annual sales items and quantities, after 3 years, we may face the dilemma that wastewater cannot be treated. Of course, we can check the amount of wastewater produced by each item, and make the production plan to control the wastewater output, but this is just a temporary solution. For the long term, R&D units still need to improve the process. To solve this situation, R&D initiated a new project, aiming at the existing process that still produces wastewater, to understand the problem and then find a solution based on the problem. Of course, That’s easier said than done. The reality is often contrary to expectations. We know where the problem is, but after the launch of the A+ process, there is no better solution in the short term. However, we are still constantly searching for information, hoping to get inspiration from it.

Reduce wastewater output and upgrade competitiveness

Due to the Research Division arranges a patent report every month and the content is not limited. The researcher can select the patent by himself and then shares it to broaden the knowledge of the colleagues in the division. It also inspires many new ideas, in the once patent sharing activity, researchers shared the types of wastewater treatment technologies and their examples. There is a long-developed wastewater purification technology. Its principle and application seem to be applicable to our product purification section, but we are not familiar with these equipment and operation methods, so we found external resources, combining the equipment design and operating experience of external resources, with our knowledge of the product and the existing technology, the competitiveness of the product will be upgraded, and the output of wastewater will be reduced.

Carefully evaluate every step to meet success

"There is no best, only better." Technology is innovating, and the requirements are becoming stricter. Only by constantly updating information and keeping the idea of constant progress can continuous improvement be made! For the new equipment and technology to be introduced into the production line, only by carefully evaluating every step can real success be achieved!

We hope that by cooperating with external resources in the future, we can create a new situation for the products of the Fine Chemicals Division and achieve "Green chemistry and sustainable development."

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Release date:2021.07.19