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What is 1,3-PS?

1,3-PS (CAS 1120-71-4) with full name as 1,3-Propane sultone, its state of matter is a Light amber-colored liquid or crystal. 1,3-PS is an alkyl functional group with high hydrophilicity. We can change the chemical substances into water-based through 1,3-PS. 1,3-PS is widely used in various fields, including biochemistry, biomedicine, cosmetics, surfactants, environmental protection resins, and lithium-ion batteries, etc.,


The market development trend of 1,3-PS.

These years, according to the concept of environmental protection, the production of environmentally-friendly resin has become a global trend. The relevant literature is pointed out that the use of solvent-based resins will produce VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air, which will cause a certain degree of harm to the environment and the human body.

Therefore, many countries have stipulated regulations that require domestic enterprises to reduce the content of VOC in their products. The use of water-based polyurethane can significantly reduce the use of solvents, So many R&D personnel changes 1,3-PS become one of the materials of their products.

Even though 1,3-PS has many advantages, there are not many 1,3-PS manufacturers in the world. There is the most well-known 1,3-PS manufacturer in the world is HOPAX, which comes from Taiwan. Since 1990, HOPAX has sensed the importance of environmental protection and has actively invested in R&D and production of 1,3-PS. With a professional R&D team and abundant chemical synthesis experience. The 1,3-PS has been skillfully applied to the synthesis of various products by HOPAX.


HOPAX provides the most professional chemical synthesis services for you.

1,3-PS is also one of the main raw materials of MOPS Buffer and CHAPS Buffer. As the professional manufacturer of biological buffers and with a thorough understanding of the material properties of 1,3-PS, HOPAX has strong competitiveness in the production of MOPS and CHAPS! And besides, In the field of lithium-ion batteries, HOPAX also handed over an excellent result! Whether you want to buy 1,3-PS or have material synthesis requirements for related products, HOPAX can definitely provide you with the most reasonable price and the highest quality!

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Release date:2021.01.08