What is Carbomer (PAA)

Market value of Carbomer (PAA)

Carbomer (PAA) is a cross-linked polymer of acrylic acid and polyalkenyl ether or diethylene glycol, it is called polyacrylic acid. As a high molecular water-soluble polymer, Carbomer (PAA) is excellent at thickening, suspending and emulsifying. Carbomer (PAA) is applied in many fields, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care, paint and coating industries. Carbomer polymers are classified into different grades according to different viscosities, Users can be selected according to their application and requirement. Because of its wide applications, the market value of Carbomer (PAA) is expected to increase to US$1.1 billion by 2026.

Carbomer (PAA) has excellent solubility and swells easily in water. The study pointed out that the optimal swelling time for Carbomer is between 25 and 30 minutes. Since the molecular chain of Carbomer is easy to form hydrogen bonds, using a little bit of Carbomer (<1%) dissolved in water, alcohol, ethylene glycol, and other solvents can obtain high viscosity. The conventional dosage is 0.10% or 0.50%. And make it appear transparent gel. Since the molecular chains of Carbomer are thickened by hydrogen bonds rather than by intertwined segments, the molecular chains are not prone to shear thickening due to entanglement; on the contrary, hydrogen bonds are easily broken due to shearing force. In turn, the phenomenon of shearing and viscosity reduction occurs, so it can be smoothly performed when using processes such as stirring and pumping.

Carbomer (PAA) can be classificate into copolymers, homopolymers, and interpolymers according to the solvent and method of polymerization. Traditional carbomers are polymerized with Benzene. It made the traditional carbomer(PAA) application in medicine has become increasingly restricted in recent years. Therefore, Carbomer (PAA) polymerized with ethyl acetate and other solvents have become more popular in the market. The Carbomer (PAA) produced by HOPAX is polymerized with ethyl acetate, and it can provide heavy metal detection according to your needs.

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Release date:2021.12.27