Green Purchasing for Sustainable Development

The increasing number of natural disasters caused by extreme weather conditions at home and abroad is an indicator of the urgency and severity of the climate change. Governments around the world are taking actions and making legal regulations to reverse the worsening trend of climate change by reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. HOPAX has long been committed to the realization of sustainable development through its influences in different aspects.

3 main themes of the green purchasing approach

In terms of purchasing, it has adopted the green purchasing approach. The approach is composed of three main themes:

Green supply

Priority purchasing of environmentally friendly products/equipment and encouraging the development of local suppliers to reduce carbon emissions caused by long-distance traffic.

Green packaging

Green packaging has also been a long-standing sustainable strategy for procurement, which can be mainly classified into two major projects: green packaging materials and packaging material reduction. In part of green packaging materials, it is mainly through purchasing recycled packaging materials and recycling packaging materials to replace new packaging materials, so as to extend the life cycle of packaging materials. In 2021, the proportion of recycled packaging materials used has continued to increase significantly. HOPAX will be committed to incorporating more recycled packaging materials projects to give full play to both and broad green kinetic energy.

Social good

HOPAX invites suppliers to participate in public welfare activities to convey our company's insistence on social care and community feedback and hopes to use this to play a role. Allow more suppliers to actively participate in the ranks of social welfare.

HOPAX will draw out the blueprint for sustainable supply through the formulation methods, implementation strategies, and cooperation with suppliers. We believe that we will be implemented step by step to achieve the goals of sustainable supply.