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Adhesives | Additive for Lithium-Ion Battery | Manufacturing of Li-ion batteries
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Assay (titr.): ≧ 99% | CAS No: 1120-71-4 | Molecular formula: C3H6SO3

Uses of 1,3-PS

Hopax is a manufacturer and supplier of 1,3-PS (Propane sultone) (CAS 1120-71-4). 1,3-PS provides an easy reactive property for sulfonation. Additionally, it plays an important role to synthesize surfactants, pharmaceutical intermediates and monomers for copolymers.

1,3-PS is also used as an additive for Li-ion battery electrolytes. The addition of this chemical to battery electrolytes can improve the compactness of the passivation film formed on the surface of the negative electrode during charge and discharge. This additive also prevents metal dissolution and suppression and electrolyte oxidation, which in turn increases life cycle and stability.

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Assay (titration)

≧ 99%

State of matter

Light amber coloured liquid or crystal

Molecular formula


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Synonyms / Similar names:

  • 1,3-Propane sultone
  • 1,3-Propanesultone P50706
  • 1,3-Propanesultone 291250
  • 1,3-Propanesultone 809985

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