Customized services

HOPAX provides customized specifications to meet your unique needs. From R&D to manufacturing, HOPAX has shown great flexibility that is different from other manufacturers and suppliers in the market.

HOPAX has 40 years of chemical research and development experience and a complete quality management system. In addition, HOPAX also has production capacity ranging from laboratory level to large-scale commercial level, which can fully meet the basic requirements of customers seeking reliable manufacturing suppliers.

From R&D to Manufacturing

  1. A Great Idea

    • You may wish to boldly present your idea of the product manufacturing process to us. And don’t need to worry about intellectual property; we are ready to sign up to protect your rights and ideas. According to your needs, from R&D to research, pre-preparation, and evaluation, we will provide you with the best synthesis plan.
  2. R&D

    • In addition to master in key starting materials for R&D synthesis capability, HOPAX's R&D capabilities have gone deep into the core of alkylsulfonation technology. However our capabilities are not limited to alkylsulfnation, so don’t limit yourself while discussing with us. Our professional R&D team have confidence that we can meet the customized requirements put forward by customers in various major industries, and provide green process solutions.
  3. Scale Up

    • We will help you to scale up, starting with a trial run, following the validation and full on production, all is done under strict quality control, following ISO 9001, 45001 and 14001 practices. We can provide customers with medium-scale trial production and in-house quality testing. In addition, we guarantee traceability and provide every safety document requested by the customer.
  4. Manufacturing

    • HOPAX supports the global supply chain, has our own laboratory and production line, can expand your customized products from laboratory-scale trial production to commercial-scale mass production. We provide customize packaging according to customer needs. Taking into account your stable supply needs, we provide a 24/7 schedule for all large-scale manufacturing sites and complete change notification control.

World-class organic chemistry synthesis service

What We Offer:

  • Process development and formula adjustment.
  • Develop water-based chemicals.
  • Develop synthetic pathways suitable for large-scale production.
  • Process development and analysis verification for reaction optimization, cost reduction, and productivity improvement.
  • Green chemicals and more environmentally friendly process improvements.
  • We are committed to sustainable chemistry, including green process development, chemical recovery, high-gravity distillation systems, and high-efficiency reactive distillation systems.

New Product Development

  • Based on our expertise and experience, we will help you to develop new products for your needs and formulations. Our biggest expertise is laying in alkyl sulfonation, however not limited by it.

Customization (CMO) /Contract Manufacturing

Customized solutions and mixtures

  • Utilize our expertise in the field of organic synthesis to customize solutions, ready-to-use mixtures, and convenient mixtures for global customers.

We Also Offered

  • Custom formulations
  • Analytical method development
  • Stability study
  • Process characteristic analysis and validation

“Looking forward to your challenging customized projects”

Contact us to discuss your project and join dozens of companies that already partner with Hopax to develop their buffers, detergents and dipeptides.