Hopax starts the production of electrolyte solutions for Lithium-ion batteries

Hopax - Li-ion electrolytes manufacturer
Hopax - Li-ion electrolytes manufacturer

As the demand for green energy vehicles continues to grow, the lithium-ion battery industry follows the trend and registers growth year after year.

One of the main components of Li-ion batteries are the electrolytes, chemical solutions placed into batteries that make possible their recharge and usage in electric vehicles, consumer electronics and others.

Until 2018, the suppliers of lithium-ion battery electrolytes were mostly located in Japan, South Korea and China. Hopax has just joined this market and added Taiwan to this list.

This move is a natural consequence of Hopax’s long expertise in Li-ion battery additives manufacturing and R&D. From now on, manufacturers of Li-ion batteries can partner with Hopax to develop their own electrolyte solutions and optimize their battery capacity, performance, life cycle and safety.

Hopax’s services include:

  • R&D team assigned to work with the customer in the development of a customized electrolyte
  • 100% customizable ratio of salts, solvents and additives to suit customer needs
  • Capability to create electrolytes with excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability
  • Confidentiality: Hopax is ready to protect all the information related to any project
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Data de lançamento:2019.01.17