Hopax started the expansion of its production center for additives for Lithium-ion batteries and electroplating


Hopax has just started the expansion of its manufacturing facilities in Changshu, China. Changshu is Hopax’s production center for additives used in Li-ion battery electrolytes and electroplating.

The project is Hopax’s answer to the increasing demand from copper plating solutions manufacturers and lithium-ion batteries manufacturers for the chemicals produced in Changshu.

Changshu factory’s expansion is expected to be finished by the end of March, 2019, and will increase Hopax’s manufacturing capacity for the following chemicals:

Additive for Li-ion battery electrolytes Old capacity New capacity

1,3 PS (Propane Sultone)
Electronic grade

* The addition of 1,3 PS to Li-ion battery electrolytes can improve the compactness of the passivation film formed on the surface of the negative electrode during charge and discharge. This additive also prevents metal dissolution and suppression and electrolyte oxidation, which in turn increases life cycle and stability.

Additives for electroplating Old capacity New capacity Uses
PPS 300 tons/year 400 tons/year Brightening agent for copper plating solutions
SPS 100 tons/year 180 tons/year Brightening agent for copper plating solutions
MPS 80 tons/year 120 tons/year Brightening agent for copper plating solutions

This is Changshu plant’s second large expansion after its establishment in 2005. Since then, Hopax has invested more than USD 53 million in expansions to meet the growing demand from manufacturers of Li-ion batteries and electroplating solutions.

Through this strategic move Hopax aims to maintain on-time deliveries to long time partners in these industries and have stock availability for new customers and projects.
Have a virtual tour in Changshu plant:


Data de lançamento:2019.01.15