Hopax announces a reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions in 2018

Hopax Fine Chemicals is constantly looking for ways to increase the environmental sustainability and effectiveness of its chemical production. Since 2014, when it set up its power consumption monitoring system, Hopax has reduced its energy consumption by 11%.

Additionally, Hopax has recently installed cooling-water and chilled-water high efficiency pumps in its utility buildings and started using natural gas as furnace fuel in Kaohsiung plant. The result was a cut of 1000 tons/year in carbon emissions.

These achievements are especially important now that Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs announced that it will require companies in Taiwan to cut down their energy consumption by at least 5% within five years.

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Watch this video and have a virtual tour in Hopax's headquarters in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Data de lançamento:2018.12.06