"Freezing" application in 3 biopharmaceuticals systems: Cryoprotection of viral vectors

Cryoprotection of viral vectors

Viral vectors are commonly used in molecular biology research and can currently be used in gene therapy or vaccines. How to use viruses as vectors for gene therapy? In short, the gene of the virus itself is taken out, and then the therapeutic gene is implanted in it, which serves as the delivery role of the therapeutic gene. It is delivered to the cell, infected, and replicated to repair the patient's mutant or defective gene. And rAAV2 has always been the most widely used rAAV serotype in clinical practice, so rAAV2 is the main focus of discussion here. The following are the relevant precautions for your integrated virus vector freezing:

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  • Due to the low stability and heterogeneity of the rAAV capsid, drug products in the form of rAAV are usually transported and stored in a frozen state.
  • The slow thawing is particularly harmful to the colloidal stability of rAAV2 serotype. After replacing the phosphate buffer with TRIS buffer, the effect of the slow thawing rate on the stability of rAAV2 was reduced.
  • The large loss of rAAV2 capsid titer is due to changes in acidic pH in phosphate-based buffer systems during thawing, which is usually not present in TRIS buffer systems.
  • It’s important to monitor the properties of APIs on a large scale before freezing and thawing. The implementation of environmental chambers, such as Test Equity (type 1007), can accommodate rockers or vibrators for gentle stirring and tool convection, which can reduce the adverse effects of slow thawing in larger volumes.

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