Not just cosmetics! Carbomer(PAA) for lubricants

Not just cosmetics! Carbomer(PAA) for lubricants

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Water, silicon or oil? How to choose a lubricant

The main purpose of lubricating fluid is to reduce friction, now then add many additional functions, such as preventing STDs, improving or pregnancy contraceptive effects, increasing the duration of sexual activity. There are three types of lubricants on the market: Water-based, Silicon-based and Oil-based, and the water-based is more harmless to human body and easy to clean, the main thickening ingredient is Carbomer(PAA), which is also listed in the European Pharmacopoeia and the US Pharmacopoeia, so there is no need to worry about whether it will affect the human body.


Benefits of Adding Carbomer (PAA) – STD Prevention

Carbomer-based water-based lubricating fluid has good compatibility with human body, Its characteristics can make the drug evenly dispersed without stratification, and can prolong the drug release time, These properties can greatly improve the prevention or treatment of STDs.

There already on the market about Lubricant against HIV, herpes simplex, hepatitis B, HPV, Zika, adenovirus (1.2).


Controlling the pH value can achieve the effect of contraception or fertility

The pH of semen is about 7.5 slightly alkaline, and the pH of the vagina is about 4.0, so the vaginal environment is not suitable for sperm to survive. Although some protective measures can temporarily resist semen after entering the vagina, sperm cannot survive for a long time (3). Therefore, the pH of the lubricant is very important for survival time and motility, controlling pH around 4 can reduce semen motility and improve contraceptive rates, conversely maintaining a pH of 7.5 can improve pregnancy rates(4).

Can be used with the company's biological buffer to achieve the effect of pH control.

Carbomer is used in commercial lubricating products

Now people hava a good concept of contraception, but there is still some people who do not like to wear condoms, there are different reasons, such as foreign body sensation, bad touch…..

Therefore, related research has developed a lubricant that contains three functions: contraception, antiviral, and sexual desire enhancement(5), this study claims to kill 100% of sperm in 30 seconds (6)without any physical effects, so it can almost replaces condoms. The existence of carbomer(PAA) is to stably disperse these functional drugs in it so that they do not interfere with each other.



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