Carbomer PAA-941


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Solid content: ≥ 95% | CAS No: 9003-01-4 

Hopax is the manufacturer and supplier of Carbomer PAA-941 (CAS 9003-01-4), with full name as Poly(acrylic acid), a thickener often used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It can also use as a binder for lithium cells.

Uses of Carbomer PAA-941:

  • Carbomer PAA-941 hydrogel can be used in drug delivery patches.
  • Carbomer PAA-941 can be used as adjuvants in vaccines. Water-in-oil vaccine compositions comprising an acrylic polymer in the aqueous phase provide superior immune responses as compared to conventional water-in-oil vaccine compositions.
  • Producing of Electrode for Lithium Cell Using Carbomer PAA-941 as binder.
  • Carbomer PAA-941 can be used for transmucosal delivery drug formulation as a Bioadhesive.
  • Carbomer PAA-941 can be used in preparation for wound healing comprising a hydrogel.
  • Carbomer PAA-941 can be used in personal care products, such as sunscreen, skin lotion, and toothpaste., etc.

Tips for Carbomer PAA-941 handling

  • The Carbomer PAA-941 polymers application is not limited to aqueous systems.
  • The Carbomer PAA-941 polymers have exceptional hydrophilic nature and take advantage of their small particle size, put a single particle of PAA-941 will wet out very rapidly when put in water.
  • To avoid the formation of lumps, when using the Carbomer PAA-941 polymer, please add it slowly and carefully to the dispersion medium.
  • Agitation enhances the rate of Carbomer PAA-941 solvation.
  • Carbomer PAA-941 can be used in preparation for wound healing comprising a hydrogel.
  • Extremely high-shear mixers should be carefully employed because they can break down the polymers, resulting in permanent viscosity loss (as high as 50 percent).
Basic Information


Solid content

≥ 95%


White of almost white, fluffy powder

Apparent viscosity (400-3000)(0.05 wt%)

500 cP

Apparent viscosity (1950-7000)(0.2 wt%)

4200 cP

Apparent viscosity (4000-11000)(0.5 wt%)

8200 cP

Heavy metals (as Pb)

≤ 10 ppm

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Synonyms / Similar names:

  • Poly(acrylic acid)
  • Carbomer

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